Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The "Independent" Washington Times?

Note: All quotes in part "A" of this post will come from a 1977-78 congressional investigation unless otherwise attributed. You can find the quotes in a 43 page excerpt pdf file of the United States House of Representatives. Investigation of Korean-American Relations, Report of the Subcommittee on International Relations ( known as the Fraser Report) by scrolling: down here:

Part A

The "Independent" Washington Times?

Since Sun Myung Moon created the Washington Times in 1982 there have been those who claim that the paper is independent of Moon and his "church." This is difficult to believe, given that Moon is a man who claims to be the Messiah, and given that a congressional investigation in the 70’s reported this in its findings: Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which would be governed by Moon and his followers.

The idea of Moon's agenda not being front and center with the Washington Times strikes me as rather odd. Any cursory reading of Moon's story, as well as statements he has made and news reports over the years, shows he does indeed believe he is the Messiah. It also shows that he works tirelessly day in and day out to achieve his goal of putting his organization in charge of the direction of world events. In short, Moon puts everything into his goal of subduing the planet. That's all he does.

Moon is so into control that he even says he's re-arranging the spirit world. Which brings up another point. Does anyone really think that a man who demands the strict obedience of his followers would just flop a few billion down on a paper and not have his own long term interests at heart? We are talking about the same man Time magazine in 1976 quoted as saying, “I want to have new members under me who will be willing to obey me even though they may have to disobey their own parents and the Presidents of their own nations.”

The investigation also reported this:

Alan Tate Wood, a former UC member who had been president of the FLF,(Moon's political front) described to the subcommittee some of Moon's political ambitions and activities. He said that Moon, through the UC and its numerous front organizations, wanted to acquire enough influence in America to be able to "dictate policy on major issues, to influence legislation, and move into electoral politics.” In the United States, the political goals of the UC and those of the KCIA "overlap so thoroughly as to display no difference at all.”

Now to me that just doesn't sound like a man or organization that would spend billions of dollars on the money draining operation known as the Washington Times without doing it to aid in Moon's goals. I will post more on this subject soon, but the paper being "independent” of Moon and his "church” slams up against reality often, such as when the investigation quoted Moon as saying his group “cannot separate the political field from the religious.”

I mean, it isn't as if Moon denies that he is out to influence the country. He even says how he plans to do it. Another quote from the 70s Fraser Report.

"This year we have to expand our UN campaign, work among all the Senators and Congressmen with our PR brothers and sisters, and we are going to establish a university. Another thing we are going to do is to start a newspaper plant."

So, anyone want to tell me those are just random items on Moon's "to do" list to manipulate the world? Let's take a look....

This year we have to expand our UN campaign

Moon said in 1976 they "must make a new UN."(Time Magazine June 14, 1976) His organization is currently promoting, through the Philippines, that the UN add a theocratic body. The UN has turned him down so far, so Moon has formed his own theocratic "Peace UN." Don't count him out or laugh at him, appears that it is Moon who is getting the last laugh.

work among all the Senators and Congressmen with our PR brothers and sisters

It was found that Moon's organization had operatives crawling all over capital hill in the 70s. Apparently they haven't slowed too much, for Moon was able to finagle a room and a couple of congressman to crown him King in the Dirksen Federal Office Building last March(2004). You can find out about that here and here and here. - (note the video was scrubbed from the Moon site after it was exposed, among other things, that the video was edited to make it appear one congressman was praising Moon when in fact he was honoring a constituent.) Moon's organization brags that they are advising our State Department on Korea and the Middle East. This is very likely true.

we are going to establish a university

He now controls an accredited college, the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Why a college? from Fraser:

Wood further quoted Moon: "Once we can control two or three universities, then we will be on the way to controlling the certification for the major professions in the United States."

and then we have...."Another thing we are going to do is to start a newspaper plant."

Moon opened a paper in New York shortly after this statement and then the Washington Times in 1982.

Seriously, does this sound like Moon would just toss a couple billion on the Bar-B and not expect something in return? We’ll go over some of that later, but given his goals, views, past statements and actions, I think we can say that the Washington Times has done what Moon hoped for...create a more right wing, extreme conservatism in our country while Moon worked with, financed and supplied the "leadership" and "vision" to the right wing theocrats who now control the Republican Party. In short the Washington Times has served Moon's purpose. He could sell it tomorrow; it has done its job.


Part B

The Washington Times’ "independence" from Moon?

Not everyone agrees with the statement that the paper is independent and these are a few of the reasons why:

(1) In a speech to “church” member/employees of the Washington Times in 1982, Bo Hi Pak, Moon’s long-time right-hand man at the time, told them the “chain of command” at the paper leads to Moon and that employees must be “absolutely loyal to the chain of command.

Jim Whelan has been given authority to run the Washington Times. He is your boss, your professional boss. He reports to me. You report to your department heads, who report to the top executives, who report to Jim Whelan, Jim Whelan reports to me, and I report to Father (Moon). That is the way it goes. And I want to honor the chain of command. So from the professional point of view, you are absolutely loyal to the chain of command.

(Bo Hi Pak, “Truth Is My Sword, Volume II.” Chapter 40: “Wise As Serpents Pure As Doves.” A speech by Pak at the Unification Church on Columbia Road, Washington, DC May 1, 1982.) http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Tims2/Tims2-40.htm

(2) Pak said James Whelan had been given “authority to run the Washington Times.” Who is James Whelan? What did he think of the “independence” of the Washington Times? James Whelan is the staunch conservative who was heavily recruited by Bo Hi Pak to be the first editor/publisher of the Washington Times. The newspaper, or we should say, Moon, needed a credible person in that position to get the paper off the ground. Whelan was perfect. Conservative? He was working for conservative Richard Mellon Scaife’s paper at the time Pak recruited him. What was Whelan’s experience with “independence” at the Washington Times?

From FRONTLINE in 1992:

Narrator: But Whelan’s wall of editorial independence was often breached.

Whelan: “Moon himself gave direct instructions to the editors. …Who in fact calls the shots? Ultimately Moon calls the shots.”…

Whelan (at press conference): “The Washington Times has become a Moonie newspaper.”

(FRONTLINE: “The Resurrection Of Reverend Moon.” Eric Nadler, reporter. Written and produced by Rory O’Connor. Jan. 21, 1992 broadcast. Copyright (c)1991 WGBH Educational Foundation.) http://www.mediachannel.org/originals/moontranscript.shtml

(3) The first editor, James Whelan, resigned in 1984, confessing that he had “blood on his hands” for helping the church achieve greater legitimacy. (Robert Parry, “Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Hooking George Bush.” 1997.) http://www.consortiumnews.com/archive/moon1.html

more on Whelan:

Among the specific indictments he (James Whelan) cited was Pak’s appointment of Sang Kook Han, a former member of the South Korean diplomatic corps, as a “sort of inspector general” at the paper with direct control over the newsroom budget. Han, said Whelan in a recent interview, is “part of Moon’s inner sanctum. … Han has been de facto publisher over there since July 1984.” (The Washington Times' Mission by Michael Isikoff and Eleanor Randolph in the Washington Post, May 6, 1987.)

(4) William Cheshire, former Washington Times editorial page editor, and his staff, quit the Washington Times over the issue of editorial independence. Arnaud de Borchgrave, who replaced James Whelan, was editor in chief at the paper at the time. Upon leaving, Cheshire said, “It is no longer possible, in my judgment, for the Times to maintain independence from the Unification Church under the editorship of Mr. de Borchgrave, if it is indeed at all.” (Washington Post 4/15/87.) http://www.rickross.com/reference/unif/Unif9.html

The disputes over the church meddling - one of the many issues that divided Cheshire and de Borchgrave - boiled over on April 19 when, according to Cheshire, de Borchgrave pressured him to kill an editorial critical of the South Korean government. De Borchgrave acknowledges that he had consulted hours earlier on the South Korean issue with Han, but he said he never mentioned to Han that the paper was contemplating an editorial on the subject. (The Washington Times' Mission by Michael Isikoff and Eleanor Randolph in the Washington Post, May 6, 1987.)

(5) Cheshire: “I protested to de Borchgrave. I went up to his office when I saw this happening, I told him this was unethical, improper, unprofessional, and it ought to stop. Also, it was dumb.”

Narrator: Cheshire and four others resigned after de Borchgrave ordered an about-face on an editorial critical of the South Korean government.

Cheshire: “I said, ‘Arnaud, we have a problem.’ He said, ‘What’s the problem?’ I said, ‘The problem is you’ve conferred with the owners of this newspaper, come back downstairs and demanded a reversal of editorial policy on their say so.’

(FRONTLINE: “The Resurrection Of Reverend Moon.” Eric Nadler, reporter. Written and produced by Rory O’Connor. Jan. 21, 1992 broadcast. Copyright (c)1991 WGBH Educational Foundation.) http://www.mediachannel.org/originals/moontranscript.shtml

(6) Moon himself says that he used the paper and other “activities” to influence America.

I influenced America through the Washington Times and so many different activities. Do you want Father in America. (YES !! The ministers responded)…The Last Days are coming to America. Be careful. Those that oppose Rev. Moon will perish. Since I came here, I didn’t get anything from America.
(Sun Myung Moon, Sun Myung MoonSeptember 13, 2002 “The Last Days Are Coming to America.” An address by Moon given at East Garden to clergy planning the Sept. 14 “blessing.”) http://www.tparents.org/UNews/Unws0209/SM020913.htm

(7) Mr. Soejima, who ran Moon’s papers in Japan, said Moon bragged about how he influenced our president through the Washington Times.

“The Washington Times was the top priority of the entire Unification Church worldwide,” said Soejima, who was editor of Sekai Nippo (World Daily News), a church-controlled Tokyo newspaper, before being fired last October following a dispute with church officials over control of the paper. …

But he (Moon) spoke with pride of The Washington Times, bragging of important officials who had attended its opening ceremonies. Moon said that James Whelan, then publisher of The Washington Times, “listens to what I say and makes the newspaper as I tell him,” according to Soejima…“With journalism, we have now reached success by establishing The Washington Times,” Moon said, according to Soejima. “We now have a direct influence on Reagan through The Washington Times.”
(John Burgess and Michael Isikoff, “Moon’s Profits Bolster Efforts in U.S.” Washington Post, Sunday, Sept, 16, 1984, pg. A01.)

(8) Moon bragged that with the Washington Times his organization has gathered intelligence, “not only from America but also from other governments all over the world.”

quoting Moon: In order to realize the world of peace which God desires, the following must be accomplished… With the Washington Times as Fourth, it has to take preeminence in the realm of media. With the Washington Times as the core, we are establishing preeminence in the American print media, a field of more than 1,750 American newspapers. By doing so we can include all fields of intelligence. Today we have in this area surpassed the liberal New York Times and Washington Post, and continually gaining important confidential information not only from America but also from other governments all over the world.

(The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986. “Absolute Values and The New Cultural Revolution - True Love and the Unified World.” Sun Myung Moon Founder's Address, Fifteenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, November 28, 1986. J. W. Marriott Hotel, Washington, D.C.)Link

(9) The Washington Times, supposedly strongly anti-communist, hasn’t reported on Moon’s business deals with communist North Korea. When Bill Gertz, defense and national security reporter for the paper and a follower of Moon was asked on C-Span why the newspaper didn’t cover Moon’s North Korean business deals, Gertz replied,“I don’t know. Have you read the Washington Times? We carry a number of stories about Reverend Moon’s activities. We have not - not reported on that. And I think we’ve covered it in a fair and unbiased way.” (C-Span Washington Journal, June 2, 2002.)

(10) Before the Washington Times, did Moon have a history of using his media for personal political gain? FRONTLINE interviewed Michael Warder, who was an important part of the Unification drive in America in the 1970s, and as someone close to Moon for six years, managed Moon’s News World, a daily paper in New York.

Warder: “Moon wanted a whole series of articles going after poor Congressman Fraser, who was heading up the congressional investigations there. And so we would assign reporters to try and dig up all the dirt we could find on Congressman Fraser, and of course I would say to Moon, I said, ‘On one hand, we’re supposed to be doing this but on the other hand, we’re competing with the New York Times. And so there’s matters of credibility here.’ And he would, you know, bluster and get angry at these kinds of things and say, ‘Just do what I’m ordering you to do and don’t ask so many questions,’ and that sort of thing. And of course Colonel Pak would reinforce these messages from Moon.”
(FRONTLINE: “The Resurrection Of Reverend Moon.” Eric Nadler, reporter. Written and produced by Rory O’Connor. Jan. 21, 1992 broadcast. Copyright (c)1991 WGBH Educational Foundation.) http://www.mediachannel.org/originals/moontranscript.shtml

(11) Jack Kneece, the Washington Times reporter who was assigned to Pakistan, found out the “church” sent him there.

Upon arrival in Islamabad, Kneece said, he was picked up at the airport by an official of the Pakistani information ministry. In a meeting the next day, Kneece said the official told him, “We had our meeting with (Unification) church people in Tokyo a few months ago and they told us they would send somebody here to Islamabad.”

Kneece said he was “disturbed” about the comment and relayed it to his editors who “pooh-poohed” it.

(The Washington Times' Mission by Michael Isikoff and Eleanor Randolph in the Washington Post, May 6, 1987.)

(12) This JoongAng Daily article states that Moon sent a reporter to North Korea to make “a better image” of North Korea. Moon himself says he did that.

“The church, which owns Pyonghwa and such companies as the Tongil Group, the Washington Times, and UPI news service, among others, has had close ties with the North. …Mr. Moon then worked to improve the image of the North. He, for example, sent a Washington Times reporter to the North and made the country known to the West with a better image. Since then, the North has confided in the church.”
(Min Seong-jae, “Pyonghwa Motors, Unification Church Do a Deal.” JoongAng Daily, Aug. 31, 2003 - link )

(13) Moon himself confirms the above quote as he brags that the Washington Times and his media are at “our disposal”:

Through The Washington Times and the other media which we have at our disposal, I introduced this whole concept, even bringing to America an interview with Kim Il Sung, who is the most remote national leader in the world. (Sun Myung Moon, “COMPLETION OF THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF TRUE PARENTS.” A speech given by Moon on December 6, 1992 in Belvedere, New York. Translator - Sang Kil Han.) http://www.unification.net/1992/921206.html

(14) Editors challenge the Washington Times' “independence.” William Cheshire, former Washington Times editorial page editor, and his deputy editor Michael J. Bonafield spoke out after leaving the Times in 1987.

Cheshire and Bonafield also have charged that de Borchgrave ordered or sanctioned the “tampering” of wire copy to reflect the church positions. Wire stories mentioning Moon’s conviction for “tax evasion” were changed to “failing to pay taxes on income which he defended as holding in trust for the church.” Pruden said he ordered the change because he “wanted to give the readers more information.”

One of the more serious incidents, Cheshire and Bonafield said, occurred on March 26, when former treasury secretary Robert Anderson was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of tax evasion relating to his failure to disclose income he had received from the Unification Church. The church was not charged with wrongdoing.

The story of Anderson’s indictment ran on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post. In the Washington Times it was handled as a brief item in a news roundup on page 4 - with references to the Unification Church deleted.

De Borchgrave said he had nothing to do with the handling of the Anderson story, which he said was a “bad call.” Pruden, who made the decision, agrees. “That was my call...and I goofed,” he said.

(The Washington Times' Mission by Michael Isikoff and Eleanor Randolph in the Washington Post, May 6, 1987.)

(15) “Goofed” seems to be the out for people at the Washington Times.

The one blunder he (de Borchgrave) admits to was running a page-one story under a banner headline during the 1988 election asserting that Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis saw a psychiatrist after his brother’s death. The story, attributed to the candidate’s sister-in-law, turned out to be false, and promoted the resignation of reporter Gene Grabowski. “The Dukakis story was bogus.” says conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, “and it really hurt their credibility.”

“It was a deadline rush. I admitted I goofed and apologized,” says de Borchgrave. “How many people admit they goof in this business?! No one!”
(From “Moonstruck: The Reverend and his Newspaper” by Ann Louise Bardach, an article that was originally to have appeared in Vanity Fair in 1992 but was killed by the publication. The article finally saw print when included in the book Killed, Great Journalism Too Hot to Print by David Wallis, pages 137-165.)

The author Bardach from the forward to her article in Killed, Great Journalism Too Hot to Print giving her best estimate for why the article was not published: "I was never given a specific reason why this story was killed. However, reservations were expressed about the litigious Moonies. I think it is fair to say that taking on a billionaire mogul, especially one who happens to believe he is the Messiah, with powerful pals in the White House, and more money (and lawyers) than God, was the primary reason."

(16) The Washington Post reports more tampering with the news by de Borchgrave: But according to several former employees, de Borchgrave has issued directives that they believe are designed to placate the paper’s Korean owners, if not actually ordered by them. Michael Bonafield, one of the editorial writers who quit with Cheshire, said that after Moon revealed in a meeting with the Times editors last year that he was engaged in business talks with China, de Borchgrave “issued an edict that we were no longer to attack” the Chinese government. When one of his colleagues wrote an “innocuous” editorial praising economic progress in the “Republic of China” on Taiwan, “Arnaud went ballistic,” said Bonafield. “He said we were not to refer to the Republic of China-ever, that it doesn’t exist. …For a conservative newspaper, this was pretty much of an embarrassment.” De Borchgrave denies this had anything to do with the Unification Church. “I did that without any consultations with the owners,” he said. “Taiwan is Taiwan.” (The Washington Times' Mission by Michael Isikoff and Eleanor Randolph in the Washington Post, May 6, 1987.)

(17) Moon brags that he was asked to push Star Wars by a member of a couple of his front groups and top Star Wars backer, Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham. Odd enough that a man of Graham’s stature, a man who served as a Reagan military advisor, would feel Moon was the man to go to for this type of effort, but the fact is Moon was exactly the person to go to. Moon says he gave his support and stated he used the Washington Times to promote Star Wars. You may support Star Wars today, but the scientists in 1983 concluded the technology for Star Wars was at least 20 years into the future and they have been proven correct. But the bigger point is, is Moon the one we want tipping the balance in our government’s decisions of this kind?

But who is the author of the Reagan doctrine? SDI, commonly known as the Star Wars program was not widely supported by Reagan and others in government. General Daniel Graham, the founder of SDI came to Father and asked him for support saying it was a crucial program for the nation’s security. Father pledged his support. SDI was promoted and finally the defense department and the White House became convinced it was a good idea. Three weeks later Reagan announced in the State of the Union message that SDI would become part of the national defense program. If SDI was not created at that time, the existence of the Patriot missile would be impossible. The Patriot is an offspring of the SDI program. American people today know how valuable that program is. They say, "Thank God for SDI." thank God for Reverend Moon.(note: the Patriot Missile was proven to have been a complete failure during the 1991 Gulf War) (Sun Myung Moon, “Sun Myung Moon speaks on True Parents’ birthday.” A speech given by Moon at the Grand Ball Room, World Mission Center, New York, on Feb. 20, 1991.)http://www.unification.net/1991/910220.html

Because of communist influence, American people and others opposed and nearly trashed the SDI program. But the Washington Times encouraged Reagan’s support for this, and this helped save the free world. (Sun Myung Moon, “Sunday Morning Hoon Dok Hae and Sermon.” A speech given by Moon at the Belvedere International Training Center on Aug. 29, 1999.)

Further notes from the same speech:

During this time the conservative movement became dominant In 1984, Father was in Danbury from where he commanded the Unification forces to support Reagan again.

Reagan was not interested in the SDI, commonly called star wars, program. How can we shoot down flying missiles? The founder of SDI, Gen. Grant,(Graham) asked Father to save this program. He said he would help to support the defense program. The Washington Times was mobilized, then Reagan was convinced and announced this at the state of the union address. This was the basis of the Patriot missile, an offspring of the SDI program. Today people say, "Thank God for the SDI program."
(Rev. Sun Myung Moon True Parent's Birthday February 20, 1991 World Mission Center New York Unofficial Notes.) http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/sunmyungmoon91/UM910220.htm

Side note: Lt. Gen. Graham admitted that the $200,000 to make a propaganda film to keep the money flowing to Star Wars was from the Moon organization.

Graham: "It cost a lot of money to produce it — $200,000 — and Grant said he could raise the $200,000. Now Grant is supported substantially by the Reverend Moon — and I'm sure that's where the money came from to produce that movie."

Narrator: According to Graham, the film has been seen on four hundred television stations.

(18) Moon says Reagan couldn’t have done it without him.

What is the so-called Reagan doctrine? That Reagan doctrine was coached along by the Washington Times.

(Sun Myung Moon, “Sun Myung Moon speaks on bearing fruits of the world of faith and strength.” A speech given by Moon at the Belvedere International Training Center Translator on April 7, 1991. Col. Sang Kil Han, translator.) http://www.unification.net/1991/910407.html

(19) Bo Hi Pak, Moon’s right-hand man, said Reagan personally told him his “Reagan Doctrine” would have failed without Moon’s help via the creation of the Washington Times.

The Hon. Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said upon his inauguration, The Washington Times “has the real interests of America at heart.”

When Reagan’s term was almost over, he invited me, as the President and Publisher of The Washington Times, to the Oval Office in the White House. As can be seen in this picture, he firmly shook my hand in appreciation and said, “Dr. Pak, no one appreciates the value of The Washington Times more than I. Without The Washington Times, my Reagan Doctrine would have been a failure. It could not have triumphed over the Brezhnev Doctrine. Would you kindly convey my deep thanks and appreciation to Rev. Moon, the founder of The Washington Times, who made this most precious investment for freedom?”
(Bo Hi Pak, “Introduction to the Life and Work of the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.” An address given by Pak to the World Convention of theFederation of Island Nations for World Peace, Tokyo, Japan, June 17, 1996.) http://www.unification.net/misc/bhp9606.html

(20) Here Moon says he guides the Washington Times:

Look at the Washington Times. No one in America helped to create that. Without Father’s guidance for the Washington Times, this country couldn’t have found a direction.

(Sun Myung Moon, “Sun Myung Moon speaks on our mission during the time of the World Transition.” An address by Moon at Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York on Dec. 23, 1991. Translator – Col. San Kil Han.) Link

(21) Thinking he’s the Messiah, Moon believes that God personally speaks to and through him and expects the Washington Times to spread the word.

“The Washington Times is responsible to let the American people know about God.” Later, he added: “The Washington Times will become the instrument in spreading the truth about God to the world.” (Frank Ahrens, “Moon Speech Raises Old Ghosts as the Times Turns 20.” Washington Post, May 23, 2002.)Link

(22) In this excerpt from a speech, Moon’s son Hyo Jin Moon makes clear that the plan is to gain control through the media.
Restoration Through Indemnity
Hyo Jin Moon August 18, 1991 Belvedere, New York

A few people are controlling the mentality of the masses. In the same but opposite manner, once we have these media to offer to Father, Father can control. You don’t like that word control, but if you look at it through the eyes of love, you want to be controlled, don’t you? When you truly love your woman, you want to be controlled by that woman, don’t you? Because you don’t understand the nature of love, you deny it, but inherently you long for control. So we can control things and Father can have absolute say so. Everyone can understand this.
( Restoration Through Indemnity Link )

(23) From an article by Fred Clarkson:

Three NWC (News World Communications) executives are not only top Unification Church officials, but have also had high-ranking posts in the Korean CIA (KCIA). Sang Kook Han, a "personal assistant" to the KCIA director in the early 1960s, later served as South Korea's ambassador to Norway and Panama. In 1984, Han was installed at the Washington Times, precipitating the resignation of editor James Whelan. Currently senior vice president of New World Communications, Han is described by Whelan as the "de facto publisher" and "inspector general" of the Times.

Moon's speeches are riddled with contempt for "American-style democracy," which he denigrates as "a good nursery for the growth of Communism." "We must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world," Moon has declared. Former top UC official Steve Hassan believes that the Washington Times is a "Trojan horse" within the conservative movement. Hassan told EXTRA!, "Conservative politics is glad to have a voice through the Times, but ultimately it has nothing to do with conservatism. It has to do with fascism."

(Extra! Aug./Sept. '87 Behind the Times: Who Pulls The Strings at Washington's No. 2 Daily? By Fred Clarkson http://www.fair.org/extra/best-of-extra/washington-times.html )


a final note....

It is obvious what Moon is doing. His is a political organization first and foremost.
quoting Fraser:
Some observers, however, see goals in the Moon Organization's activities which are clearly political, including those carried on by the Unification Church. Allen Tate Wood, testified that in his view the UC was not a church at all: "It is my contention that it is certainly not a church. It is certainly a political organization which clearly has partisan objectives."

Another ex-member said that her experience in the church led her to believe that Moon intended to make UC members into "a little political army." ...

Alan Tate Wood, a former UC member who had been president of the FLF, described to the subcommittee some of Moon's political ambitions and activities. He said that Moon, through the UC and its numerous front organizations, wanted to acquire enough influence in America to be able to "dictate policy on major issues, to influence legislation, and move into electoral politics."In the United States, the political goals of the UC and those of the KCIA "overlap so thoroughly as to display no difference at all."

The Moon organization claims they are advising our State Department on the North Korea nuclear issue and the Middle East. That is most likely true. The question is, when - if ever - will the TV press decide to inform the public.

Please take note of the six countries Moon mentioned here in the 70s - from the Fraser Report:
Anti-communism is one key reason for Moon's espousal of a worldwide theocracy and rejection of some of the most fundamental tenets of American democracy. Moon finds "American-style democracy" to be "a good nursery for the growth of Communism.'' In a speech in Seoul, Moon proclaimed that God was helping to set up a final battle involving the United States, Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan...... The Moon Organization has self-proclaimed goals of controlling political and secular institutions and a strident ideology which envisions the formation of a "Unification Crusade Army." Moon's speeches foresee an apocalyptic confrontation involving the United States, Russia, China, Japan, and North and South Korea, in which the Moon Organization would play a key role.

"the United States, Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan"

Moon named those countries in the 70s and they are the same six countries involved currently in the "six way talks" over the North Korean nuclear issue. Lucky guess? Moon does billions of dollars of business with the communist country and he is close friends with Kim Jong Il, the Korean dictator. Moon and Kim Jong Il swap birthday gifts. Maybe some reporter will ask the President what advice he is getting on how to handle foreign policy from the conservative's savior, Sun Myung Moon. The same man who led hard right conservatism out of the forty year liberal wilderness, the man who molded a political setting in America over the last 25 years without which George W. Bush would be an unlikely candidate, let alone president.